Video Meetings & Chat*

Hybrid meetings that just work. Groundbreaking co-location groups give your distributed team hybrid meetings that feel like you’re all in the same room. No echo, no expensive hardware. Video calls made easy with no app or software download required. Connect with anyone, anywhere with zero hassle.

In a recent Wirecutter survey "86% of people preferred Whereby over Zoom" Personalize your Whereby room with custom names, URLs, and branding Run efficient classes, events, and workshops with Breakout Groups Make customers swoon with an award-winning, custom video interface Give customers premium video chat anytime, anywhere. Servers are built to scale and optimized for every region, with 99.99% uptime

* Included In Elevate UpAvailable Soon to 100 Members

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Subscription Includes: Set-Up, Creative and Campaign Management

 Unlimited One-On-One Meetings Up To 100 Attendees Per Meeting 1 Host / Custom Branding

● Email, Live Chat , Partner Portal and By Appointment Video Meeting Support