About Us

We provide a wide range of services to meet even the most daring requirements. Having owned several businesses I understand the pain points of creating, operating and scaling a brand.

Our team consists of highly motivated and skilled specialists who know how to deal with a wide array of issues by delegating the power of SaaS solutions. By partnering with only the best developed and efficiently priced SaaS on the market we bring the power of a much larger agency, creating a basis for lasting relationships with our clients built on trust and mutual benefit.
Madronify's Focus To Introduce, Maintain and Grow SaaS Solutions To Be Transferable, Respecting and Humble To Assist, Consult and/or Manage Solutions To Support, Chat and Engage as Needed To Listen, Respect and Deliver as Desired
We are devoted to creating unique and innovative solutions along with the high-quality supporting services.

Be an active member in the direction Madronify travels. We shall go where our clients lead us, let's grow together. Please vote on public roadmap and help lead the way!


CEO / Founder: Andrew Lotsberg


My Inspiration / Cora