Accurate, fast and secure email validation service. You invest time, energy and money into your emails. Zerobounce will help you land them in the inbox and connect with your customers. Drive up your open rates and ROI with an 99% accurate email validation, A.I.-driven email scoring and email deliverability tools.
ZeroBounce’s email verification service helps you clean up your email list by removing: Email typos, Nonexistent email accounts, Email accounts likely to mark your messages as “spam”, Spam trapsand other risky email addresses
 After you’ve cleaned your list, keep it that way. Connect ZeroBounce’s email validation API to your signup and registration forms. That way, each time someone enters a new email, it gets checked in real time. Only real, valid contacts will end up on your list.

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Your sender reputation is at stake.
When you email incorrect, fake or spammy email addresses it drives up your marketing costs and drives down your ROI.


Prevent email bounces and spam complaints before they occur. This can help reduce your bounce rate, increase your open rate and prevent you from landing in spam.


Create an account, upload your existing email contact list, hit "validate file", download your new clean list and start sending emails with newfound confidence.


Connect ZeroBounce’s email verification API to the tools you already use, such as your email marketing platform, CRM or LinkedIn. 


Questions about features, a free trial, or connecting to our email validation API? Live chat on website 24/7, email, contact sales via phone and/or request demo.

Use Case

Marketers and business owners that want tools that help brands validate their emails, saving money and helping them take advantage of valuable leads.