Easy onboarding and training for small businesses. Meet Trainual. One powerful playbook for every process, policy, role, and responsibility, so you can grow without growing pains.
 Trainual allows you to assign new policies or push updates to your entire team in a couple of easy clicks. So, let's say if everyone had to suddenly go remote (wouldn't that be wild!), you could easily update that work from home policy and ensure they're good to go.
 Build your playbook. Every process, policy, and SOP your business relies on, in one place. Document a process by recording your screen and explaining how to do something while you do it. Or embed content, like PDFs, GIFs, videos, and more from over 700 places.

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Employee on-boarding & orientation made easy whileproviding a high-level transparent look at what your brand culture. A searchable employee handbook


Track who's reviewed your company policies (and who hasn't). Break down your market and why you're the best out there. Your business has a back-story. Share it.


Build your playbook, train your team and scale your business. Turn best practices into standard operating procedures and ensure everyone gets trained consistently.


Add Loom to a new hire welcome video. Quickbooks for payroll of employees. Access directly from Slack and create new training content and much, much more.


Learn from users with customer stories. Join a community of process consultants and get certified in Trainual. Watch webinars and listen to podcasts.

Use Case

Any business that wants to Visualize and plan your company's growth and hold people accountable with clearly defined roles and responsibilities.