Email signatures made smart, 100% automated and sexy. Put your team signatures on auto-pilot. Maintain brand consistency with modern email signature templates that you can customize to align with your brand's aesthetics. Unlock a new marketing channel. Scribe users achieve an average 14% click-through rate.
Become data-driven and iterate quickly by deploying new calls-to-action and promotional banners across your team's email signatures with just one click. signatures serve as a built-in marketing channel that you can tap into to promote your brand and products without any extra costs.
 Schedule multiple marketing campaigns simultaneously across different time zones to automatically update your team's email signatures when you launch a new product, host a webinar, or promote an event. No more outdated information as signatures automatically revert to their initial state once a campaign is over.

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The average company sends 1 million emails annually for every 100 employees. That's a lot of interaction with your brand image and opportunities to promote it.


1 or 1000+ email signatures? Install them in one click across your team’s email clients. Zero actions needed from your teammates. They won’t even know Scribe exists. 


Create signature templates, Install your signatures in one click, Sync your email provider to import your teammates, auto-fill the personal information and deploy.


Google Workspace, Gmail, Microsoft 365, Outlook, Apple Mail, SalesForce, Outreach, Front, SalesLoft, Sparks, Bamboo HR, Apollo, Okta and many more.


Talk to humans not robots. Scribe's hands-on customer service will help you solve your problem as fast as possible, w/o 100's of questions before talking to a human.

Use Case

IT and Marketing. Be confident that the Marketing team will be able to use Scribe. Saved your precious time while making the Marketing team happy.