Email Signature*

Transform your email signatures into a powerful marketing channel and engage your contacts. Create, install and update email signatures in one click across your organization. Keep brand consistency, legal compliance
and leverage the hundreds of emails sent by your teams into a powerful marketing channel.

 Brand consistency across your company? Create, install and update signatures. Choose from templates with endless options: color, font, icons and custom fields Add marketing element such as Call To Action or Promotion Banners Update your marketing component in one click across departments Analyze data and optimize your conversation rate. Every link in your signature: CTA, Banners, Social icons and website links are tracked.

* Included In Founders and AlphaAvailable Soon to 100 Members

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Subscription Includes: Set-Up, Creative and Campaign Management with one hour of assistance per month, more available if needed.

Integrates With Gmail  Up To 10 Users / Need More? Brand Color Matching

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● Email, Live Chat, Partner Portal and By Appointment Video Meeting Support