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 The most reliable B2B Email Finder on the market and the only 100% GDPR compliant email finder. A website, a first name, and a surname are enough to get a 100% GDPR compliant nominative and verified email. All email addresses processed by our algorithms are 98% valid (for catch-all domains > 85%).
Dropcontact goes much further: automatic enrichment, cleaning, detection and merging of duplicates. Enriches: the website, the company's LinkedIn, the industry sector , the NAF code, the salary range, the Siren number and the intra-community VAT number of French companies.

CRM integration with HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, and Zoho CRM (soon). Or use Dropcontact's API to give you unlimited possibilities to create and automate your lead generation workflows. + 1,200 solutions can be connected thanks to Dropcontact's integration with Zapier, Make or n8n.

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Your sales and marketing teams can now focus on their core business. Find emails, enriches, de-duplicates, and updates your contacts automatically.


Save time, on average, a sales rep spends about 1 hour a day processing, qualifying and enriching the data in their CRM. Dropcontact does it for you!


Enter a company website + first name + last name(15% to 20% more efficient). With just a company name + first name + last name or by LinkedIn profile.


Native integration with HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, and Zoho CRM (soon). Use API or connect with automation tools Zapier, Make or


Live chat, help center including advice and answers with articles to assist in English and French. Covering getting started, CRM integrations, features and more.

Use Case

Any business that needs an email finder that searches, finds, verifies and enriches all B2B emails and contacts. While being 100% GDPR compliant.