Automate without limits. The workflow automation platform that doesn't box you in, that you never outgrow. Connect to any system 220+ integrations, plus a general connector for the rest. Write your own integration if you need it. Build complex workflows really fast, handle branching, merging and iteration easily.
Implement complex processes faster with n8n. Use templates to get started fast with 1000+ workflow templates available from our core team and our community. A visual workflow editor makes it easy to connect your integrations including multi-trigger workflows.
 Automate lead management and connect all of your marketing tools to give you a much easier time managing your leads. Setup automated actions and trigger your apps to specific actions whenever something happens (lead changes status, customer purchases your product).

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Limitless integrations. Current tools have limits to integrations? With n8n, you can build the automation that meets your exact needs.


To increase open rates, click through rates and ultimately conversion rates. Upsell, Cart abandonment Lead generation and HR support at scale.


Set up triggers for app events or specific times to fetch data across your app stack. Set up steps and update the valuable data across your apps.


Use 220+ apps to create, read, and update. Move and transform data between different apps and databases without getting caught up in API.


There are multiple support options for n8n. Email support and forum community with engineers constantly answering topics plus active experts.

Use Case

Supercharge your CRM, lead automation, save resources, back-end prototyping, save resources and build automation for your exact needs.