Write Content 10x Faster. Create, schedule, publish, and easily manage your content creation at scale with MarkCopy AI. Write high-converting content and increase conversions by 80%. MarkCopy will generate content optimized for conversions. Finally a copywriting that converts.
Rank #1 on Google. MarkCopy automatically optimize your blog posts for SEO with the right keywords so you don't have to! Focus on your business and let Mark do the rest.
 Create sequences that feel natural. Nurture conversations at scale in 1 centralized master inbox. Set up custom conditional email sending triggers, manage all your emails in 1 place without complex email routing and never miss a lead.

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Create blog posts and social media content 10x faster with Mark Copy AI.


Never miss a lead and stop worrying about managing 20+ mailboxes, instead reply to all your leads from one master inbox.


Choose the template for your copy. Give your brief to the AI and Mark will generate your 100% original and tailored content. You can edit it, rewrite it or modify.


Reach your prospects wherever they are. Scale your outreach across SMS, LinkedIn, Twitter, Whatsapp, email (Outlook, Zoho, Gmail, Yahoo) and more.


Live chat, blogs, email templates and Frequently Asked Questions. Can be reached via Twitter and Slack. 

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