Does your website have a compliant privacy policy?

Does your website have a compliant privacy policy?

States are proposing laws that will allow consumers to sue businesses anywhere in the US for not having a compliant privacy policy. Is your website compliant? 

     Any website collecting as little as an email address on a contact form should not only have a privacy policy, but also have a strategy to keep it up to date when the laws change.

     Termageddon is the longest-running privacy policy generator listed as a vendor by the  International Association of Privacy Professionals ( The company is founded and run by a licensed privacy attorney who also serves as the Chair of the American Bar Association – Committee. Policies for your website that update when the laws change and protect your business from fines and lawsuits in less than 30 minutes.

     Termageddon privacy policies offer the most comprehensive solution that helps you comply with CalOPPA, CCPA, GDPR, Australia Privacy Act and more. They monitor cases, regulator guidance and amendments and keep your Privacy Policy up to date with any changes. Includes monitoring proposed privacy bills and push updates to your’ privacy policies whenever new laws go into effect. Use the privacy policy generator to help protect your business from privacy-related fines and lawsuits.

  1. A privacy policy is a statement provided on a website that explains how you collect, use and disclose personally indentifiable information. Each license includes a set of auto-updating policies to protect one website or application. 
  2. The penalties for not complying with privacy laws can range from $2,500 per violation (which can mean per website visitor) to €20,000,000.
  3. States like New York are proposing privacy bills which will enable their citizens to sue businesses, of any size and location, simply for having a contact form without an up to date privacy policy.
  4. Whether you are offering links to third party websites (like social media), want to protect yourself from accidental copyright infringement or have an eCommerce website, virtually every website these days need a Terms and Conditions.
  5. A Disclaimer is a statement that limits the liabilities that a website owner may be responsible for due to the website.

Over a dozen states have proposed or already are implementing privacy laws to protect the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) of its citizens. Each of these laws has unique requirements as well as unique penalties for not complying. Some states are proposing businesses be fined over $5,000 per infringement (per website visitor). Some states are proposing private right of action (meaning citizens of that state can sue businesses anywhere in the US).

These laws do not care where the business is located. The laws are only out to protect its citizens.

Websites that ask for a ‘name’ and ’email’ address on a contact form are collecting PII and need to not only have a compliant Privacy Policy, but also need a strategy to keep their policy up to date when these laws are added or changed.

What is the point of having a policy if you have to pay extra for limiting your liability? Termageddon does not  deal with that type of nonsense. They charge one monthly or annual fee per website.

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