Click Fraud Protection*

What’s going on in your campaigns? Give your campaigns the gift of clean, verified data by banishing ad fraud from all your marketing channels and let your campaigns thrive with revenue-driving fraud protection. Maximize ad spend and one-up competitors with award-winning invalid traffic and ad fraud protection.

Stop invalid advertising engagements in real-time, all in a single intuitive dashboard Eliminate the effects of social media ad fraud, increase conversions and ROI  It’s tougher than ever to fight off affiliate fraud, unless you have TrafficGuard User acquisition efforts are at risk from mobile ad fraud 1 out of every 4 clicks is defined as click fraud costing businesses around the world billions of dollars every year

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Subscription Includes: Set-Up and Campaign Management

 24/7 Fraud Monitoring Google & Meta Partner Up to $2.5k Ad SpendNeed More?

● Email, Live Chat, Partner Portal and By Appointment Video Meeting Support