Build documents like webpages. Create anything – pitches, sales sheets, reports, case studies, agendas… Click and edit everything. Add images, videos, tables, task lists, charts and graphs. Drag and drop, resize, change backgrounds, colors. Effortlessly lock brand consistency across your team and content.
Use hundreds of professionally designed templates or create your own. Template collections include: Marketing, Product Management, Public Relations, Reporting, Sales, Social Media Marketing, UX Design, Customer Success, Investor Relations and Operations
 Work together from anywhere. Unify everyone and everything in one place ( Work privately when you need or together when you want. Your team always has access to what they need; nothing ever gets lost. Follow your team’s progress with weekly insights and stats.

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Xtensio is the new and better way for teams to create, manage and share beautiful living documents. Create any template, exercise or presentation you need and share.


Forget the output and focus on your work. Coordinate, launch and measure marketing and sales efforts while bringing efficiency to your business communications.


Start with a template, or create your own from scratch. Drag and drop interactive modules, add videos, charts, forms. Adjust layout, colors, fonts. Share or Embed


All Public URLs, Soundcloud, Spotify, , Pexels, YouTube, Daily Motion, Vimeo, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Fonts, Google Maps and more.


Extensive help center, with live chat online, document articles, video tutorials, case study reports, past webinars, what's new and join a free live demo.

Use Case

Align your team, drive productivity, maximize impact, fuel growth, plan, deliver, promote, improve usability, enhance user satisfaction and decrease turnaround times.