Live streaming made easy, reduce the preparation of multi-streaming broadcasts to only 5 minutes. Stream from any source using different video sources: RTMP encoders, a webcam or virtual-meeting, live streams, one or more pre-recorded files in a playlist. See why Videolinq is the best way to live stream! 
Distribute anywhere you would like to grow your audience. On computers, mobile devices, and OTT services by broadcasting to social media channels, streaming video providers, and content delivery networks. Create and embed custom players in any website with no-code solution.
 Schedule your streams, simplify production workflows and improve delayed time-zone broadcasting by scheduling live stream distribution at different daily or weekly intervals. Get stream statistics, monitor concurrent viewers in real-time, or print historical reports showing channel performance by stream and date.

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Video production teams and their customers can engage with viewers on multiple social media platforms with comments, polls and e-commerce on live streams.


Reduce the risk and complexity of live streaming to multiple social media platforms. Publish one stream in, send many streams out! Monetize live or recorded streams.


Open the media dashboard, create a channel, select destinations for your live video, set a video source, add/edit/remove video sources and destinations, and add a schedule. 


Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, LinkedIn, Instagram, Vimeo, Amazon Live, IBM, Azure, Edgio, Wix, Brightcove, DaCast, Kaltura, dlive, dailymotion and many more.


Help articles, video tutorials, contact via email, complete a contact form or simply call. Support options offered with subscription plans.

Use Case

Want to engage audiences and measure ROI? Content Creators, Broadcasters, Marketing Agencies, Legal Services, Education, Public Relations, Government and more.