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 Be the first to know that your website is down! Reliable monitoring warns you before any significant trouble and saves you money. The world's leading uptime monitoring service.
Having a securely encrypted website is an absolute must nowadays. With SSL monitoring don’t lose visitors because of expired SSL certificate. Get notified 30, 14 and 7 days before expiration so you have time to renew.
Create simple keyword‑based monitors. When you need to check for a specific keyword or a keyword phrase on a page. Get instant alerts via email, SMS, voice call or through one of many integrations.

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Downtime happens. Everyone knows it happens. But it is important to know it before customers do. Get notified with website monitoring.


Show your website visitors and (potentional) customers how your service is reliable to build a trust with them. Showcase your service uptime with status page.


Log in to account, click add new monitor and choose monitor option.Creating a monitor is as simple as adding a URL or IP address and more options.


Using free Email to SMS gateway you receive alerts to your mobile phone number via SMS. Or use Google chat, Slack, webhooks, Discord, Zapier and many more.


Live chat, help center including articles to assist and a FAQ section with even more. Covering set-up, status page design, notifications and more.

Use Case

Any business with a website should have monitoring service for uptime status, heartbeat, internet connection, SSL security, Ping, keyword and/or port.