Streamline the booking process for your potential customers by making it easy and fast to book and pay for your services, improving the interaction rate, and boosting conversions.
Generate an SEO-optimised booking page that you can integrate with Google or Instagram and share on business cards. Or you can embed the booking form on your existing website if you already have one.
 Trafft automates follow-ups, reminders, automatically generates and shares discount coupons, and makes it notably easy for your customers to re-book the services, so they regularly come back.

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Schedule on-site or virtual appointments, meetings & events, manage staff and services, accept payments, send reminders - all in one tool.


Online scheduling software your customers will love. Increase conversions by up to 30%, loyalty and retention rate by 20% and spend 2 hours less daily on admin.


Manage all the schedules in one calendar, including all of your employees' calendars and manage. forget about the nightmare of checking availability for each one.


Trafft integrates all the different online tools from calendars, payments, and virtual meetings to Zapier and many more. If you don't see your favorite tool, let us know.


Bulletproof security with constant online monitoring, alerts, and backups, Trafft guarantees your online scheduling is working 24/7 without a glitch. Live chat on site!

Use Case

Any business looking to manage all appointments through one online calendar, centralize your bookings, automate reminders and free time for more assignments.