Build financial models and forecasts, create beautiful charts and visualizations, manage your cap table, view important KPIs, and prepare for investor meetings.
Scenario planning to create down-side and upside-scenarios for your model with a single click! Customize them individually then add collaborators. Send a read-only link or invite others to help you build.
 Spreadsheet templates go out of date the moment they're published. Sturppy is constantly adding new features, updating benchmark data, and providing live support to ensure our users are always investor-ready.

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Build a financial model and plan you can trust. Replace unreliable spreadsheets and templates with a modern software platform that’s easy to use and accurate!


Scaling a business is a big task. Learn how to build an investor-ready financial model and plan for your startup or small business in under 30 minutes.


Add your company data, select a business type, add revenue and acquisition channels. Create a hiring and expenses plan. Pitch and gather feedback.


Share a live link or export the entire model to a formatted spreadsheet with a single click. Export financial statements and more to Excel. 


24/7 Live Support ! Their team of experts are always available to answer questions and resolve any issues via live-chat. Extensive document articles and videos.

Use Case

Model any business type on Sturppy. Building rocket ships? Run a consultancy? Shipping succulents direct to consumer? A use case for every business!