Connect with customers and drive more engagement. Build human relationships and increase email conversions. Record and share video messages to increase engagement and add a human touch.
Newsletters for launching products, share company updates and make personal fundraising appeals. Direct messages to Introduce yourself, follow up, check in and be more authentic. Show you care.
 Build a human relationship. Capture your passion, warmth, and other nonverbal cues with video. You’re not just selling a product, you’re building a relationship!

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Connect and engage with customers Async video helps you stay connected – anytime, anywhere. Event-triggered emails to Onboard new users, nurture leads and personalize sales.


Stand out in their inbox
You’re not saying the same thing as everyone else... Why should you look the same? Cut through the noise with a personal video or product demo.


Easily record your cam, screen or both! Record from Chrome or Brave. Add personalization and custom branding then share in email or message.


Instant integration with Google Chrome Browser, Gmail email platform, HubSpot Sales, LinkedIn, Zendesk and Intercom. Plenty of others available and more coming.


Extensive help center with many articles covering from getting started to more advanced skills. Sendspark has an active live chat feature on website.

Use Case

Wanting to make marketing videos in-house in minutes to engage your audience and convert new customers. Or interested in driving sales with personalized video?