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 Exclusive lifetime deals at no-brainer prices that you won't find anywhere else. RocketHub is your source for amazing deals on software and content for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs. Scaling requires getting your product in front of buyers. Get instant access to our audience and support from a launch team.
RocketHub aim's to be an instrumental resource and partner for startups by providing hands-on guidance and benefits that equip them throughout the entire startup journey. Provides you instant access to real buyers actively seeking reliable yet affordable software solutions.
 To help startups achieve success, we strive to be a launch incubator that focused on quality products, valuable education, and meaningful connections. Help generate funds that you can quickly deploy towards ongoing development, accelerated marketing, advertising, or team expansion.

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 Generate new customers, team executes a customized launch campaign including user testing, writing ad copy, designing creatives and running ads.


Accelerate growth and sales by launching your product n RocketHub. Amazing software deals every month available at insanely low lifetime prices.


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You can sell any software, digital products, or info products on our platform, including: SaaS, online courses, ebooks, browser extensions, plug-ins and more.


RocketHub help center with documents covering getting started, billing, refunds, account management, code redemption and more on life time deals.

Use Case

You like money, right? If you're spending hundreds or thousands on software currently, then you absolutely need to lower those bills. RocketHub can help.