Build a better blog. Quickblog gives retailers, bloggers and agencies an embedded, super-fast, SEO ready blog for their websites and clients' websites. Rank on Search Engines and earn passive income, without spending any time or money on theme coding, editing or design.
Quickblog's SEO Scorer enables you to focus your content writing and improve your blog post ranking by recommending actions to take to optimize your content structure, keywords, meta description, tags and more.
 Quickblog's Layout options enable you to quickly customize the look of your blog and posts, including colors, buttons, categories, images and more. There are hundreds of ways to change the layout to suit your style, including white-label option for agencies to give your clients a branded experience.

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Focused on SEO-first to optimize content, improve ranking, no hosting, portability, nothing to install, no security updates and is innovative bringing new features.


Save time and money while boosting organic traffic. Quickblog's fast backend and responsiveness is given the green-light for Google search.


Fast, and should take no more than a few minutes to get your blog live! Copy two snippets of code and then paste them where you want the blog to appear.


WordPress, Shopify, Carrd, Instapage, Webflow, Google Sheets, HTML5 and more. Works with any website, no website? Host your Quickblog for free.


 Live chat online, email ticket, document tutorials, video tutorials, F.A.Q's and a very extensive knowledge base covering topics of getting started and much more.

Use Case

You have 100% commercial rights, you can use generated images anywhere at the time of this writing. Any business looking to increase marketing graphics.