Make better products with actionable feedback and say goodbye to the guessing game. Collect and organize feedback from customers, teams and stakeholders - all in one place. Use this data to make your product roadmap in minutes!
Your one-stop-shop for collecting feedback. Say goodbye to scattered feedback and hello to organized and actionable insights. Unleash the power of your customer's opinion! Collect votes and host dialogues to understand their pain and create features that rock their world.
 Say goodbye to "eenie, meenie, miney, mo"! Use data-driven prioritization to make your product roadmap, turn your vision into a reality and map out the path to greatness. Get ready to blow your customers' minds! Announce new updates, product changes in style and enhance feature adoption from day one.

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Are you spending hours tracking feedback? Do you forget who wanted what feature? Are you randomly discussing features?Stop now.


Start gathering feedback on auto-pilot. Easily see what is crucial and what is not. Build features customers really want. Less effort with more results.


Create account. From dashboard create roadmap, updates, wishlist, voting boards and/or changelogs. Customize to your branding, publish and embed on website.


Receive activity updates in your Slack channel. Send emails via your Mailgun or Amazon SES account. Receive webhooks after events. Build an integration with API.


Live chat on website, blogs, video tutorials and a docs page to read how you start and leverage the most out of ProductLift. Ruben, founder ( Boei too ) is outstanding.

Use Case

A prioritization, roadmap and changelog tool for SaaS product managers, project managers, small business owners with websites and marketing strategists.