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 Future-proof your workforce The skills your company will need 5 years from now probably don’t exist today. But hiring is an onerous, long and risky process.
Your employees' capabilities stretch beyond what their title says. Pluckd gives you visibility into the skills and passions you have within the organization. So that you can look for in-house talent.
 Promote from within and Identify the right people for the right job. Get a shortlist of potential candidates for every role you need and skip the recruitment process.

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Uncover the talent hidden inside your business. Stop wasting months on recruitment. Pluckd taps into your existing workforce, to save money and boost morale.


Look for in-house talent with adjacent or self-taught skills, and regardless of location, position, or recruiter biases. Future-proof the workforce skills for your company.


With a real-time dashboard, you can find out where your talent gap lies and what your team core strengths are. Transform how you discover talent


Peer feedback that works by
receiving valuable and actionable insights from your co-workers directly in your email inbox. Easy and seamless participation.


Email ticketing support backed by a blog center including employee engagement, software updates and leadership. Includes Peer Feedback for co-workers insights.

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Recognize your talents and find the right people, with the right skills. Discover team morale, core skills, and their level of trust. Boost productivity, slash turnover!