Home of Carbon 360®. An end-to-end, best practice carbon accounting, GHG emissions management, on demand training and reporting solution aligning businesses with the GHG Protocol and emissions reporting mandated in 40+ countries.
Carbon 360® is an open source solution bringing together training, tools and support empowering any business to make a credible decarbonization commitment backed by governments worldwide. Empowering any business to implement decarbonization in accordance with the GHG Protocol and ISO 14064 standards.
 Carbon 360® empowers your company to make a recognized climate commitment and to effectively build and retain your own capacity to maintain competency and to develop and maintain a compliant GHG emissions Inventory Management Plan in accordance with the GHG Protocol.

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Gives your business the training and ability to demonstrate Greenhouse Gas accountability and transition to Net Zero. Initiate and manage your Net Zero with ease.


End-to-end carbon emissions management and decarbonization training for any business. Showcase your climate commitment to your customers and the world.


Watch training videos, learn guidelines for GHG reporting, calculate business emissions, make inventory management plans and showcase climate commitment.


End to end includes, Inventory Management Plan (IMP) compliant with the GHG Protocol using Carbon 360® Navigator and the Carbon 360® IMP web application.


Live chat online and frequently asked questions regarding carbon accounting, GHG Protocol, carbon offsetting, benefits GHG reporting, Net Zero and much more.

Use Case

Any business wanting a compliant GHG Inventory Management Plan and to make it accessible to relevant team members and for third part verification or assurance.