Real-time people analytics, Collect data from multiple sources like pulse surveys and 1:1's, so you always have up-to-date people insights, especially when working remotely.
Built-in workflows and surveys, measure your eNPS, satisfaction, and wellness levels, among others, with our built-in dashboards based on Google’s research.
 Drive real change, together. Identifying issues is just the first step. We help you fix what’s wrong and improve what’s working right. Share your insights, involve everyone to find the best solution and take action.

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Understand your people and involve everyone. The employee engagement platform for modern people & HR teams who deliver the best employee experience.


Create the right culture and a safe space. Normalizing feedback is key to psychological safety. Promote a feedback-based culture with frequent and lightweight loops.


Guides you, and your organization, to apply best practices on employee engagement toward the creation of a culture that everyone wants to belong to.


Connecting with the tools you use on a daily basis. Configure your team's data and encourage participation integrating Nailted with the tools in a simple way..


Newsletters, knowledge base with extensive articles, email ticket support, live chat operators, blogs, podcast, step by step guides and webinars on demand.

Use Case

Keep your remote team engaged, boosting employee motivation, detect burnout in time and get the insights you need to retain your talent. Create a feedback culture.