Become a better storyteller using Data and AI. A Video Platform that predicts what works based on trends, to create amazing, original content 10X better. Transform your ideas into compelling video scripts crafting the ultimate video narrative.
With Maekersuite, you're not just making video content, you're creating an experience. By harnessing AI, Maekersuite evaluates trending and competitor content, arming you with crucial insights to plan and construct engrossing videos that resonate with your audience.
 Get ahead of the competition by tapping into trending topics and curating content that aligns with your audience's interests. Craft videos with precision, ensuring your brand message resonates and drives desired outcomes. Blend information and entertainment effortlessly. Keep viewers engaged while educating them.

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To elevate your video creation process and scale business marketing. Reduce research and scripting time by up to 85%, be a faster and better storyteller.


A pre-production tool for ideating, planning, creating and improving your video content. Create content that informs, engages, and makes knowledge retention easier.  


In the prompt box type what you want to create! Use some of the presets to theme your image. Click on Generate and get a 100% custom image.


Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikToK, X ( formerly Twitter ) and YouTube. YouTube tag, description and title generation. YouTube keyword and SEO analyser.


Blogs, video guides and tutorialswith everything you need to know about creating content. Still have a question or suggestion? Email moc.etiusrekeam%40ofni

Use Case

Focus is on individual users and small teams, empowering them with tools that rival those used by larger corporations for marketing, business and educational content.