Supercharge your online meetings with Voice Productivity AI. Krisp improves the productivity of online meetings with its AI-powered Voice Clarity and Meeting Assistant. Unlike other solutions, Krisp processes your voice on your device ONLY. Your voice never leaves your device. 
The insights gathered from your calls are for you to view and use, helping you improve your communication skills over time. AI-powered meeting notes and summary to maintain a comprehensive record of all your conversations including: action items, discussion items, long and short summary.
 When it comes to building strong teams, clear communication is the secret sauce. Investing in your team’s productivity and happiness is the best decision you will make. Thousands of teams already embraced Krisp Speaking AI.

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Bi-directional noise cancellation eliminates any background noise from your calls so you can focus on the conversation rather than worrying about the voice quality.


Whether you work from home, office, or a noisy cafe, other people’s voices will be eliminated resulting in more efficient and professional calls


Set up account, download on to device, launch app, open app, choose meeting app, set audio and voice settings input and output, turn krisp on and get started.


Krisp acts as a “smart” layer between your device and any online communication solution to eliminate all background noise with a single click.


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Use Case

Whether you are working from home, from the office, or a noisy cafe. With Krisp you can elevate customer and agent experience with AI.