Iubenda help's with the legal requirements, so you can focus on your business. Attorney-level solutions to make your websites and apps compliant with the law across multiple countries and legislation's.
 Privacy and Cookie Policy Generator. Manage consent preferences for the ePrivacy, GDPR, and CCPA. Integrated with the IAB TCF and CCPA Compliance Framework.
 Easily generate and manage a Privacy and Cookie Policy that is professional, self-updating and customizable from 1700+ clauses, available in 9 languages, drafted by an international legal team and up to date with the main international legislation's.

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A 360° solution to make your sites and apps compliant with the lawacross multiple languages and legislation's. All iubenda products are WCAG Level AAA Compliant


Attorney-level compliance solutions at the convenience only software can provide. While continuously monitoring the major legislation's and keep up to date


Start generating, get your documents and make your site or app compliant in minutes. Easily check off all the right legal requirements.


Integrate with your site or app by using a widget or by integrating straight into the body via JS or API. The policy is hosted on their servers so you and legal team can update.


Not sure what you need? There is a getting started guide. Chat is offered on site live or contact support via email. Join a webinar to get an overview and ask questions

Use Case

Have a website, mobile app and/or Facebook app ? Collecting information? Then you need to become compliant with legal for GDPR, CCPA, LGPD and more.