Simplify complex processes with interactive, easy-to-follow guides and demos. Create training manuals, interactive product demos, help centers and more. Easily add, remove and sort steps within your guides as you desire. Organize all your guides under one roof effortlessly, empowering your customers.
Once you hit 'Start Recording' on our browser extension, it tracks every click and takes snapshots as you go through your workflow. As there's no screen recording here, you can take your time and go through your workflow patiently. Turn your guides into a video by enabling autoplay with custom delays. 
 Set your company branding colors to maintain a consistent and professional look throughout your guides. Choose from different guide views, including Scrolling Guide and Interactive Guide, to match your content and engage your target audience. Use the loop option to give a gif-like feel.

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Wanna make your customers happy? Create informative product demos effortlessly with Guidejar and let your customers always find answers to their questions.


Instantly transform any process into an interactive product demo or a step-by-step guide effortlessly. Optimize the visibility of your guides with SEO-friendly tags.


Walk through your workflow, hit 'Start Capture' on the Chrome extension (or) Mac app and walk through your process. Done, hit 'Stop Capture'`Customize & share.


Currently, our browser extension is designed to be compatible only with Google Chrome. We'll be supporting other major browsers soon.


Live chat on website, FAQ's, try mock web page for you to play around and create an interactive demo instantly without installing the browser extension.

Use Case

Product Marketing, Lead Generation Education,, HR on-boarding, Customer Service and Support. Ignite your sales pipeline, simplify, engage and convert: