A fully intuitive platform to help calculate your business carbon footprint and to help reduce your emissions. Greenly is the go-to carbon accounting platform for your business. Including GHG protocol compliant emissions disclosure reports (Scopes 1, 2 and 3), Net Zero certification and climate expert support. 
Start your climate journey by measuring your greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Carbon accounting allows any company to precisely quantify its carbon footprint and to undertake targeted actions to reduce its CO2 emissions. This means evaluating all the (GHG) emissions that have been generated by an activity, over a year.
 You don’t have to be a scientist to make a difference. Our climate experts will provide you with actionable steps to reducing your carbon footprint simply and easily. Activity Based & Spend-Based approaches are complementary, and are essential to thoroughly assess your CO2 emissions.

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The world's #1 solution to start your net zero journey. A strategic choice for your business. Simple, adjustable pricing that can scale with the needs of your business.


Accelerate your climate transition, reduce your team's workload, control costs, attract investors, boost brand image and more with the carbon footprinting solution. 


Once your emissions have been calculated, take action
Personalized action plans
Manage your own action plan and monitor your results in real-time.


QuickBooks, Sage, Google Analytics, Google Ad's, Shopify, AWS, Mirakl, Facebook Ad's, Instagram Business, LinkedIn Ad Analytics and more.


Live chat online and They will guide you each step of the way. From onboarding, to measuring your carbon footprint, to reducing it and communicating it.

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For business of all sizes, in any industry. Join the community of companies that communicate transparently and sincerely about their climate strategy.