Keep personal and business calls separate. Grasshopper adds a business number and virtual phone system to your personal phone. You’re a small business owner, not an office manager. Spend less time managing your phone system and more time doing what you do best.
Unlock the power of a business phone number and look more professional. A dedicated business number with custom greetings helps you make the right first impression. Never miss a call. Make and receive calls and texts from anywhere with apps for desktop and mobile.
 Toll free numbers are great for marketing and a national presence and can make your business sound more professional. Vanity numbers like 1-800-YOURBIZ give your business some flair. Local Numbers
create trust and credibility for a locally run business in any city of your choice.

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A full virtual phone system, at a low cost with features like custom greetings, extensions, call handling, works with your existing phone and more at a low price.


Separate work and personal.Get a business phone number plus all of the features of a robust phone system without the expense of additional devices.


Select a number or port your current virtual number. Choose your plan. Download the app and link your existing mobile number to start calling and texting.


Using a text to image model called stable diffusion for the majority of operations. Currently using stable diffusion version 2.1 with 512 x 512 native output. 


24/7 support included in every plan
Grasshopper is there to help you. Get 24/7 support access via phone, email, Twitter, Facebook and online live chat!

Use Case

Look and sound professional.
Want to know when a call is business related so you can put your best voice forward. and make your business will look bigger?