Design and ship your dream site. Zero code, maximum speed. Once you learn how fast it is to publish sites in Framer, you’ll find excuses to build sites for everything. Kick off your blog, redesign your portfolio, create an online CV or collect your favorite media. Start building your online presence today.
Transform any idea into an actual site in an afternoon. Find a customizable template to get started quickly or build something from scratch. Ready to ship? Hit publish, and your site will be online in seconds. Unlimited creativity, build anything you can think of on a freeform canvas in hours.
Out of the box, websites created with Framer are optimized for fast loading times, efficient use of resources, and a great user experience, leading to high scores on Google Lighthouse metrics such as First Contentful Paint, Speed Index, and Time to Interactive.

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All the power you need, built-in. Sites that rank on search engines are fast, have well-structured content, and are accessible to everyone.


Framer believes everyone should be able to ship blazing-fast and beautiful web sites. They are building the web design platform to help you do that.


Pick a responsive website template Start designing, the user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to get started, even if you don’t have any technical experience. 


Import from Figma and Sketch. Add Google Analytics, YouTube or Vimeo. You can insert custom code at the start or end of the <head> and <body> tag of your site.


Report bugs, request features, get community support and contact the Farmer team for account and billing help via email. 50+ tutorials and bootcamp course to learn.

Use Case

Need a website? Whether it is for personal, business, freelancer or agencies building sites for clients. Framer has you covered with fast, responsive and beautiful sites.