For our planet, Ecologi, offers simple and impactful climate solutions for your business. From tree planting, funding certified climate avoidance projects through to calculating your business' footprint, we're your trusted partner in taking climate action for our planet.
Climate Positive Workforce®. Compensate for your entire team’s emissions, watching the impact grow on your profile and plant trees in your company forest. This is a staff perk that doesn’t stop at your team, your customers will also love this initiative.
 Ecologi Zero is a free, easy-to-use carbon footprinting tool for small and medium-sized businesses. It’s designed to remove the high-cost, technology and skills barriers to carbon footprinting, to get SMEs started on their net-zero journey. Currently in beta and best suited to businesses operating in service-based industries.

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Whether you want to plant a tree for every sale, or fund a broad range of climate solutions for an integration you’ve built, our Impact API is at your disposal.


Engage your team and customers, while doing the right thing simply and affordably, Business products come with a impact dashboard, profile,, shareable assets and more!


Sign up, choose account style, choose plan amount, add sustainability goals, display partnership, send a gift and feel better about the planet.


 Impact API is at your disposal. Use integrations with Shopify, Zapier, or directly with the Ecologi API. Shopify businesses have funded an incredible 6 million trees.


Chat bot on website, blogs, webinars, advice and answers from the Ecologi Team about Ecolgi, products, projects, gifting, API, integrations, payments and more.

Use Case

Any business, family or individual
that want to be become climate positive. For less than a cup of coffee and pastry per week help with a monthly subscription.