Premium quality lightweight lottie animations, curated collections with strong design principals. Created with immense attention to detail and a rigorous quality control process. 
Cohesive collections with industry specific collections allowing you craft unique projects with consistent content.
 Customize your vision with brand colors, animation settings and design format. Bring your design to life with the custom color editor, customize stroke width, speed, size, and animation triggers.

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Lottie animations are a new tool for businesses to add to their digital toolbox. A Lottie library to find awesome Lotties in different themes and color orientations.


Lottie animations are one thing that can help make your content more attractive and interactive. Attract, impress and win more customers with animations.


Design yourself or you can also order custom Lottie animations. Done not just by one person but by an entire professional team with design and animation.


Adaptable designs for all interfaces. Includes design formats of JSON, GIF, SVG, PNG or MP4. All Lottie animations have a one click static version.


Design best practices and more via Creattie blogs. The Creattie team will handle the complete process, including design and animation, custom for you.

Use Case

Any business looking to attract the viewers' attention. The average internet user spends more than 2 hours daily surfing thousands of pieces of content.