Set up your digital marketing for success. Creasquare is an Al-powered platform, that makes it easy to create graphic designs, videos and copywriting content. Start from our amazing templates and graphics to make your content stand out and look professional. Schedule your content all your social media platforms, all in one place.
Create and manage your assets directly in Creasquare. The simplest tool ever to design images and create videos. Create images and videos from thousands of templates, animations, royalty-free photos, videos and music. Set up your brand kit with your logo, colors, fonts, and you’re ready to go!
 AI content writer creates captions with dozens of templates in any language, tone and creativity level.Generate SEO driven content, that is 100% authentic. Stay consistent on social media by generating months of written content, in minutes. Results are saved and organized as projects, that are easy to re-use.

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Build a content system that saves you time and delivers results by using the best tools to plan, create, and publish your content with a calendar that keeps you organized. 


Save yourself the time wasted of publishing on each social media platform. Schedule your posts in batches everywhere with a few clicks and automatically publish.


Connect your social profiles to give them permission to schedule, publish and gather data for you. Generate captions with AI, create designs, schedule and publish.


Social Media Integrations including: youtube, youtube short, Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram posts and Reels, Linkedin personal accounts and managed pages.


Advice and answers from the team with help articles on how to get started, AI writing studio, creative design studio and more + live chat online.

Use Case

For entrepreneurs, marketers, and content creators to make the most out of social media by giving them access to the best tools for content creation and distribution.