In-app all-in-one messaging, text, voice, and video with no code required. A rich set of features and integrations make our SDKs, APIs, and UI Kits the market’s most flexible and easy to use. Want a quick launch and hassle free management? Our no-code widget lets you copy and paste your way to integrated in-app chat.
With an intuitive messaging experience users can do more without leaving your platform. With integrations, flexible deployment, and a build option for every developer skillset (APIs, SDKs, UI Kits, and more) your team can implement chat and return its focus to your core product.
 Built for developers. Empowering developers to ship in-app communication experiences that rival stand-alone messaging platforms is our core mission. That takes more than just a great product. Our powerful Extension Marketplace and outstanding docs, tutorials, and support ensure your success.

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Supercharge with extensions like email notifications, add one on one and group chat in your app with all the bells and whistles like read receipts, media sharing and more. 


Our developer-focused chat solution comes with all the building blocks you’ll need to get to production-ready app in hours (and not weeks or months.)


Sign up, select your integration method, use the Getting Started section of the Help Center, create an app and start building out your POC and find a plan that's for you!


CometChat provides flexible integration options depending on your tech stack. If an extension doesn’t solve your needs, try using webhooks and bots interface.


Live chat on website, use case tutorials, documentation center, blogs, submit a request email ticket, YouTube videos and an extensive knowledge base.

Use Case

Want to Build Trust, Reduce Friction, & Drive More Transactions?Dating, Edu-Tech, Marketplace, On Demand, Social Community, Live Streaming and Events