Clixtell stop's Google Ads click fraud. Protect your PPC campaigns, save valuable time and money, and boost your ROI with the world’s leading click fraud protection & detection software.
A reliable and powerful automated click fraud protection, user-friendly software, enabling you to secure your Google Ads & Bing Ads budget by constantly preventing and blocking click fraud activity.
  Receive live data on your dashboard analyzing every IP address, unique device ID, network service providers, VPN providers, geolocation, keywords, time on page and more.

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Competitors, bots and click farms clicking on your ads, cause damage to your business by spending money on fraudulent activity. 1 out of every 4 clicks is click fraud.


24/7 click fraud detection service, actively monitors traffic from your Google Ads & Bing Ads campaigns, analyzing every click, searching for fraudulent activity.


 Simply integrate your Google Ads account. Insert a tracking javascript to your website or use our WordPress plugin. Set up your account’s security profile.


Clixtell integrates directly with Google Ads servers via API, they are a Certified Google Partner. Google Analytics will let you report calls back to Analytics as conversions.


Email ticket, along with online chat support in addition to live demo options and phone operators. 

Use Case

Clixtell is designed to be simple and accessible for businesses of all sizes. Join thousands of businesses using Clixtell to monitor and protect Google Ads campaigns.