Talk with visitors on your website with live chat, chat bots, email & social messaging for business. Answer questions, solve problems and increase conversions. Add live chat to your website and talk with your website visitors in real-time, or use the messenger mode and reply to messages at your own pace.
 Communicate over Email, Instagram and Facebook. Manage messages from one multichannel dashboard. Connect your inbox and Facebook Business page and forget about switching between different browser tabs.
Meet the chatbot to provide answers and decrease the load on your team. Chatbot automatically answers your frequently asked questions. It can also learn more about the visitor’s needs before they are transferred to a human agent.

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Answer questions, solve problems, increase conversions, see who’s on your website, use chatbots to do routine work for you and manage all messages from one dashboard.


Boost sales, answer questions, clarify concerns, cross-sell and upsell with Chatra. Increase the number of orders you receive and boost your average order value. 


In order for Chatra to start working, you need to place our widget code on your website. Then set up your account, invite your teammates and log in and start chatting.


Add Chatra to any website via script with native for WordPress, Shopify, Slack, Ecwid, WooCommerce, Bigcommerce, Help Scout, Zapier and Email.


Chatra is brought to you by a passionate team of engineers, customer support professionals, and experts, who understand the importance of great service..

Use Case

Any business that has a website and would like to increase customer support with a multichannel messaging built for businesses, big and small.