Effortless podcast publishing for growth-driven brands. You create, Castos distribute's. Your audience grows as Castos sends your podcast episodes to all of the major listening directories such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, and even YouTube automatically. You publish once, they do the rest.
Enjoy unlimited podcasts, episodes, and downloads, on all plans. Publish as much content as you want for a fixed monthly price. Record longer episodes, test new styles or launch a second show without ever hitting a storage cap. Castos also doesn’t limit how many downloads you can have on any plan.
 Free transcripts, for all podcasts. With 19 languages supported, and advanced AI-powered speech recognition, Castos is the industry-leading transcription provider. Pull data from multiple listening platforms and track your podcasts’ performance in one beautiful dashboard.

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Automate and simplify your podcast publishing workflow with easy hosting so you have more time to focus on what matters… connecting with your audience.


Make more money podcasting.
Castos offers more ways to monetize your content than any other podcasting platform. You choose the monetization method.


Sign up for a new Castos account, select where you’ll be managing your podcast. Select Create a New Podcast, Import Existing Podcast, Connect to WordPress or Exit.


Shopify, WordPress, MemberSpace, Zapier, ConvertKit, Rest API, stripe, PayPal, memberpress, descript, automated YouTube Republishing and Audiograms. 


Live chat and a knowledge base with detailed information on every aspect of the hosting platform. Community-driven support forums, video guides and email contact.

Use Case

Podcast platform for creators making it easy to build, grow, and monetize your show., Whether you’re a seasoned podcaster, or are just getting started.