Caffeinated CX is on a mission to make every customer support team more productive with an AI autofill tool that helps your cx team solve support tickets 10x faster. Increase CX productivity by training the AI using your data to respond to a customer’s inquiry based on how your team has responded in the past.
At Caffeinated CX, we’re all about making your customer support more efficient. Works with any support software including: Zendesk, Freshdesk, Zoho, Intercom, Salesforce. We can plug into any support software to start supercharging your customer success team.
 Unparalleled efficiency. Better support is built through better technology. They focus on empowering your cx team to work faster. Superpowered technology. The AI is always evolving based on your team’s responses. If you change criteria for cancellations or discounts, the AI will automatically take note.

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Without a great cx team, businesses can’t grow. Caffeinated was built to make your job easy. Data is the lifeblood and they ensure results or your money back!


Empowering not replacing your team, Most people hate bots but love people. Caffeinated AI was built to improve the time it took to respond to cx tickets.


You’ll be up & running in 2 minutes. Easy Onboarding. Get setup in under a day and start enabling your customer support reps to win back more business!


Plug into any support software stack to ensure seamless setup! Zendesk, Freshdesk, Zoho, Intercom, Salesforce, Gorgias and more coming soon.


Ready to see AI in action?
Get a demo of CaffeinatedCX by making an online appointment. Case study blogs, email ticket and phone support.

Use Case

Any business looking to improve customer support. Multichannel capabilities, the AI can work across channels, whether that be email, chat and / or SMS.