A new way to communicate, cut through the clutter and stand out from the crowd. Human connections with a scalable approach to nurture customer relationships and brand loyalty. Produce a single video, personalize it for thousands of recipients, deliver over any channel and measure results instantly.
Sales and marketing teams use BHuman as their secret weapon to talk to prospects at scale with a personalized approach. Establish a powerful connection from the start with lead generation on steroids by reaching out over email, LinkedIn or SMS.
 Update customers about new products or features, give personalized demos and on-boarding. Reignite stale leads, trigger appointment reminders to decrease no shows and invite customers to webinars all with personalized video messaging at scale.

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To nurture employee or client relationships with personalized video at scale. To stand out of the crowd and make a fun engaging experience that converts.


To increase open rates, click through rates and ultimately conversion rates. Upsell, Cart abandonment Lead generation and HR support at scale.


Record a short video template using your webcam or phone. Connect your data via spreadsheet and with one click generate thousands of videos.


Record your video with webcam or phone and connect with multiple options via integration with Zapier & Pabbly Connect. Send via email, LinkedIn or SMS.


Help page, including live chat, with documents explaining the basics, how to record, available variables in personalization, add data and how to send videos.

Use Case

Any Online business, Finance, E-Commerce, Hospitality, Human Resources, Real Estate, Software, Automotive, Politics, Sales and Marketing.