Building better restaurant teams one shift at a time. Schedule, pay, and retain your team in one app and 86 the multiple apps you currently use. Do it in one. Everything you need to run your restaurant team more efficiently; saving you time and money.
Save time and move faster by creating, publishing, and editing scheduling online. Staff has 24/7 access via the mobile app, integrates with time clocking and tip Management. Stop paying your team to wait around for their tips, create custom tip pools, pay out tips instantly. Tip outs sync to payroll, cutting down on data entry.
 Keep a pulse on team engagement, sentiment, and satisfaction to reduce turnover by up to 13%. Retain staff by showing them you care. Track team performance metrics, monitor satisfaction with shift surveys, share announcements and shout-outs in the mobile app.

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Built for restaurants. Get your time back, make profitable decisions, boost team retention. centralize communication, automate payroll, tip data, benefits and deductions. 


Hit your labor targets with labor tracking and reporting. Improve operating efficiency, run payroll with ease, manage compliance and track tasks with digital checklists. 


Log in, set up notifications, account structure, company settings, labor, OT rules, user types, add managers, add permissions, add employees, wages, scheduling and invite.


Connect the tools you already use to run your restaurant. With the leading POS and payroll providers you’ll have accurate timesheets, tips, sales, and labor data.


Live chat on website, templates, case studies, videos, guides, data, podcast, knowledge base, FAQ's, email, phone, restaurant and hospitality management courses

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Made for everyone, from FOH to BOH Owners and Operators. Quick & Full Service, Cafes, Coffee Shops, Bars, Breweries, Pizzerias, Pubs, Bakeries, Catering and more.