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 Build forms without code & get the data directly from the customer's WhatsApp number. When you are attending multiple customers, a lot of time is spend to ask customers the same set of first questions in WhatsApp. With WhatsForm, you can ask these questions in one-go and save time.
Managing customers and their requirements is a hurdle for everyone. Using spreadsheets or CRM to manage data gets tiresome overtime. With WhatsForm the first message from customer will have the data you need - All you need is a WhatsApp number.
 The drag & drop form builder is dead simple so your job to create and manage form is as easy as possible. Translate to all major languages, start from ready to use templates and convert from Google form in one click.

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A must-have tool for those who use WhatsApp for business. It saves time as we don't have to ask too many questions to our customers. 


 Personal connection with every customer, get only genuine phone numbers and faster replies, 98% open rate and it's convenient for customers too.


You create the form & share it with customers. Customer fills in the data and clicks on Submit.
You get the data in WhatsApp from customer's number.


Send all the data from Google Form and to your WhatsApp number in one-click.


Try the offered demo process, If you have more questions utilize the contact us button, a chat support to share your email address or WhatsApp number.

Use Case

Anyone with a website looking to increase marketing, sales or support via WhatsApp. A must-have tool for those who use WhatsApp for business.