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What is a SaaS Solution ?

SaaS, an acronym for software as a service, is a way of delivering applications over the Internet. SaaS works through the cloud and is accessed via web browsers on the Internet.

What Benefit Does Madronify Add ?

By offering account on-boarding set up, creative and campaign management with business analytic monthly reports.

Payment Options Provided ?

Partnered with Stripe to offer secure payment as a monthly subscription with an annual recurring payment discount.

How to Purchase ?

Click Join Now button next to the service you want to purchase and complete the Stripe checkout page.

Customer Support Options ?

Live chat and bot's are located lower right side of website. Email support is available moc.yfinordam%40troppus

Consultation Meetings Available ?

Yes, video consultation meetings are available and can be booked here. Video demos are also available to watch on your schedule here.

How Does SaaS Save Time and Money?

SaaS saves time and money by minimizing task operations for administartive, marketing and/or sales teams while increasing sales.

Why are Solutions Managed Pricing Limited to 100 Members ?

Pricing is limited to 100 members each and will rise incrementally to insure scalability as Madronify team grows with you.

Why are Club Memberships Limited ?

Memberships are limited to 100 as a stop gap measure to insure that the community will have the proper support and management.

How to Learn UI/UX Design ?

With uxcel.com which is where design careers are built. Learn new design skills, verify knowledge, and land your dream job.

Which Solutions are on the Horizon ?

Help Madronify stay on the path and let's grow together. Up vote, share an idea and/or leave feedback on future solutions.

How to Join the Affiliate Program ?

Coming soon. If interested please Up vote on the roadmap.

Can you copy and paste a privacy policy?

No, your privacy policy needs to be specific to your business, and explain how your website or app collects user data.

Future Pricing per Launch ?

Pricing will rise at minimum 10% per solution launch. Each account will be grandfathered at pricing level purchased as long as active.

Can I Switch Solutions ?

Yes, however there may be a price difference depending on solutions. Please contact moc.yfinordam%40troppus for assistance.

How many SaaS Solutions are available?

There are currently approximately 30,000 SaaS companies. ( Source: Exploding Topics ).