folk is the all-in-one CRM. Centralize all the relationships that matter for your organization and customize it to the adapted workflow: from Sales CRM, recruiting pipeline, deal flow management, prospection management, and more.
Import leads from LinkedIn and your mailbox. Connect LinkedIn, Gmail and Outlook and 10+ tools to your CRM to add new prospects. Create ultra-personalized email campaigns using variables and AI to scale. Follow-up easily and track results from your dashboard.
 Close as a team
Stay on track to reach your revenue targets faster

Easy collaboration with comments, reminders & more
● Pipelines automatically
created for you
● Stay on track to reach your revenue targets faster

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1. All-in-one CRM to manage all your business relationships in a single interface2. Connected to the tools you already use: Gmail, Outlook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more3. Easy to use4. Low pricePowerful pipelines
made simple
It’s easy to close more deals with folk’s quick-to-setup,
and collaborative pipelines


All your leadsand prospects in one place Build your prospects and clients database, launch smart outreach campaigns and keep track of all your deals, in one place


In the prompt box type what you want to create! Use some of the presets to theme your image. Click on Generate and get a 100% custom image.


Integrate folk in your
critical workflows create automation with Zapier Connect more than 6000+ tools to integrate external tools. Chrome extension: add contacts from anywhere in one click: LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, Gmail, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok…AI integration: generate smart & personalized content for your campaigns 


ArtSmart Docs is extensive covering getting started, tips, tricks, tutorials, pricing, features, designing prompts, post processing AI and more.

Use Case

More than 1000+ companies use folk as their central workspace for their business relationships. The product particularly fits SMBs, startups, agencies, and VCs needs.