Are you talking with visitors on your website?

Are you talking with visitors on your website?

Answer questions, solve problems, increase conversions, communicate over email, Instagram and Facebook

     Add live chat to your website and talk with your website visitors in real-time, or use the messenger mode and reply to messages at your own pace. Manage messages from one multichannel dashboard. Connect your inbox and Facebook Business Page and forget about switching between different browser tabs. Boost your sales by answering questions, clarifying concerns, cross-selling and up-selling with Chatra. We’ll help you to increase the number of orders you receive and boost your average order value.

See who’s on your website

     Monitor visitors currently browsing your website with a real-time list. Learn their browsing history & where they are from to greet them with an effective personal message. View the list of visitors who are currently online on your website and start a conversation manually. This gives you a possibility to target customers from particular location or those that have put some items in their Shopify cart. Don’t be shy to be the first one to start the conversation – customers love personal attention.

Meet the chatbot and use chatbots to do routine work for you

     Use bots to collect visitors’ contacts and other data, get their consent, and supercharge your marketing efforts. Offer quick options for frequently asked questions so that your visitors get the answers they need without a load on your team. Provide answers and decrease the load on your team. Chatbot automatically answers to frequently asked questions. It can also learn more about the visitor’s needs before they are transferred to a human agent. Chatra bot is designed to welcome visitors, collect their contact and other details. It sets the tone of the conversation in Chatra. After the first message has been sent, the bot asks visitors to introduce themselves by displaying a series of questions like name and email which appear step by step:

Get mobile apps and chat anywhere

     Don’t miss a conversation when you are away from your desk. Chatra mobile apps allow you to communicate on the go.We recommend using our web dashboard in a browser, but you can use the desktop and mobile apps as well. Chatra can forward chat transcripts and offline or missed messages to your inbox – you can reply to your customers from there. You can reply from the app, even to customers who have already left your website:

  1. Online & offline chat widget unlimited websites, customization, SSL-encryption, email helpdesk, Facebokk messenger, Instagram, chatbots, targeted messages with triggers.
  2. Real time visitor information on your website. You get to choose what kind of information about visitors you want to see in the list: location, current page, referrer, OS/browser, shopping cart contents, etc:
  3. Unlimited concurrent conversations on browser dashboard, Windows & Mac desktop, IOS & Android mobile apps. Includes sound notifications, chat notes, team chat, invisible mode and more.
  4. Complete conversation history with email chat transcripts for those you missed or were offline.Keep track of all agent names, titles and photos. Read receipts 
  5. Typing indicators  No need to wait ‘til the visitor finishes typing to find and prepare your answer. You’ll be able to save time and impress with the speed of your reactions. Fast is good, telepathic is not! Wait until visitors have sent their message before you reply, as some people may not like the idea that you can see what they’re typing.

Live chat, chat bots, email & social messaging for business.

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